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Cartoon person halfway in a portal seeing 3 bottom halves of different people stuck in portals

Using Traefik for routing paths to web apps

Setup a reverse proxy to simplify routing

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The best option for picking one-off icons

Finding icons for your project

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Thoughts on Tailwind CSS

What CSS utility libraries gets right

The image gallery we'll add animations to with Framer Motion

Create an image gallery in Framer Motion

Animating between components in React

Illustration of the GitHub logo and NPM logo on either side of a person holding a file

The importance of the README

What I look for in a library

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How to organise React components

Embracing locality for react file structure

Three logos in a row, from left to right, the CSS 3 logo, JavaScript logo with a red diagonal line through it and the HTML 5 logo

How it feels to write a web page from scratch in 2020

Shedding the burden of modern tooling

4 logos in a diamond layout on a black background. In a clockwise direction starting from the top, the M1 chip, HTML5, JacaScript, CSS3

The implications of M1 Apple Silicon for Web Developers

How architecture will affect daily development and what the future holds

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Coding in Framer series

Watch my free tutorial series on how to get started coding in Framer.
We'll use the popular design and prototyping Framer Web to craft beautiful user interfaces but we'll make them more rich and interactive with code. I'll take you from your first code component in React, smooth animations with Framer Motion and handoff into a code project.

Code Components - 1

Create your first code component from scratch in Framer Web. This tuto

Property Controls - 2

Use property controls to make your code components in Framer Web more

Interactions & Overrides - 3

Learn how to turn design elements and code components in Framer Web in

Animations & Overrides - 4

Framer Web excels at providing easy ways to animate components. We’ll

Designing with Data - 5

Create complex interactions by leveraging the Data instance in the Fra

Handing off to Framer Motion - 6

Your prototype in Framer Web can make the leap into a codebase. Web de

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