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by Seth Corker

This is a space where we can learn about JavaScript, animate React components and, navigate the ever-changing world of the web.


What are they and why am I creating them? (Click to expand)

I'm trying something a bit different.
I often stumble across some excellent tools, pacakges and services but I hardly ever write about them unless I want to create a tuorial or have a strong opinion on it. But what about all those things I end up using and having trouble fidning again months later?

This is why I'm creating a new type of writing on my blog, scorecards. They're a way of giving you a brief introduction or quick refresher on a package, service or tool. I hope they'll help me out when I'm wracking my brain for that one NPM package I used last year! I hope scorecards will help others out too, they contain links to useful resources, examples of usage, when you might want to use it and some other tidbits.


What are experiments? (Click to expand)

I like to create little tools and have fun building things. This is a way to showcase them without going into too much detail that a full article might warrant.

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Coding in Framer series

Watch my free tutorial series on how to get started coding in Framer.
We'll use the popular design and prototyping Framer Web to craft beautiful user interfaces but we'll make them more rich and interactive with code. I'll take you from your first code component in React, smooth animations with Framer Motion and handoff into a code project.

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