Scorecards are a structured review of a tool, app, package or service. The goal is to act as a quick reference to find out what it is and why you might want to use it.

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What are scorecards?

I often stumble across some excellent tools, packages and services but I hardly ever write about them unless I want to create a tuorial or have a strong opinion on it. But what about all those things I end up using and having trouble fidning again months later?

This is why I'm creating a new type of writing on my blog, scorecards. They're a way of giving you a brief introduction or quick refresher on a package, service or tool.

I hope they'll help me out when I'm wracking my brain for that one NPM package I used last year! I hope scorecards will help others out too, they contain links to useful resources, examples of usage, when you might want to use it and some other tidbits.