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A Short Game from Start to Finish

Back in 2012 I started my first blog documenting my progress of game development. I moved onto web development and started focusing more on documenting that journey, leaving this blog a bit neglected. In 2020 I decided to revisit it.

I've migrated the blog from Blogger (yes it still exists) to Netlify (build with GatsbyJS). I'm planning on cleaning it up and continuing where I left off.

If you'd like to see my game development journey from 2012 to 2015, take a look now. I'll add some more posts in the coming months and revive it.

A Short Game from Start to Finish
The journey from small ideas to working games using whatever I come across
Seth Corker - A Short Game from Start to Finish
Seth Corker

A Fullstack Software Engineer working with React and Django. My main focus is JavaScript specialising in frontend UI with React. I like to explore different frameworks and technologies in my spare time. Learning languages (programming and real life) is a blast.