Seth Corker

Seth Corker

Seth is a software engineer living and working in London. Growing up in New Zealand, he was interested in video games and sought to learn programming and graphic design with the aim of getting into the video game industry. This never eventuated but the skills of software development and design were put to good use, designing and maintaining websites.

He started working at a small company managing, maintaining and developing multiple websites using core web technologies . Eventually, Seth moved to EndGame, in Wellington, New Zealand, where he worked on varied projects including digital signage applications, an interactive native iOS experience and the modernisation of a complex compliance SaaS app. This is where he developed his skills in React, C# .NET and SQL.

Seth is working in London and has worked in the world of insurance at Zego, as a tech lead and senior fullstack softwaer engineer. There he contributed to the improvement of frontend engineering by defining and developing the foundations for a new micro frontend architecture, Seth worked to grow teams and improve the developer experience, quality and speed to market. This involved impactful projects including the introduction of a CMS, conversion to TypeScript, development of a design system and architecting a flexible new way customer onboarding.

Today, he's working for zeroheight as a senior product engineer to help build a tool to promote, manage and proliferate design system usage at companies.

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