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I started blogging about my video game development hobby back in 2012 on Blogger. It kept me productive and it was fun to share what I was learning with the world. When I discovered Medium in 2015, I was captured by its clean interface and easy to use editor. My web development blog originally started on Medium in 2015 as a publication called Deconstructured, since then it has gone through a number of iterations.

Benevolent Bytes is the next iteration of my blog, it not only has a new name but a new platform. To make Benevolent Bytes platform independent, it is self-hosted and powered by Ghost.

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I had always thought about hosting my own blog, independent of platform, but it always been too expensive or daunting to get started in an easy way that was as feature rich. I want to put more effort into this blog and go beyond the constraints of Medium.

I still love Medium and the medium publication isn’t going anywhere but I want to make something that transcends a single platform where I have more control over the nitty-gritty details.

Seth Corker

A Fullstack Software Engineer working with React and Django. My main focus is JavaScript specialising in frontend UI with React. I like to explore different frameworks and technologies in my spare time. Learning languages (programming and real life) is a blast.